Politics or Entertainment

Politics is no game, so why are we treating it like so?  Politics have always been somewhat theatrical, with politician’s dramatic gestures and rehearsed speeches.  Today’s senators and presidential candidates are transforming themselves into celebrities rather than politicians.

However, is this transformation necessarily a bad one?  The answer: yes and no.

Some may argue that this political entertainment draws more people in and influences larger demographics to get out and vote.  Charles Lane’s article, “It’s not just Donald Trump — politics has always been about entertainment,” emphasizes the good and bad of this new form of politics.  Lane writes, “Similarly, lots of good ideas — civil rights, women’s suffrage, winning the Cold War — might have wound up on democracy’s cutting-room floor, if their advocates had bored everyone.”  Politician’s celebritorial status calls people to pay attention to pressing issues and form their own opinions, whether good or bad.

How far is too far, though?  These politicians spend millions on campaigns, tours, and ads all to appear bigger and better than ever.  During recent elections, one can see presidential candidates on T.V shows like Saturday Night Live.  Everyone from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump to current U.S president, Barack Obama have made guest appearances or even hosted SNL.  Donald Trump, for example, does an excellent job of provoking the people.  Positive or negative, Trump has had quite an effect on the public as well as the polls.  Lane states, “One wonders if so many of the GOP’s groundlings would still flock to Trump’s banner if they were aware of how consciously he is manipulating them, and their anger.”  Thus, sparks the question- can these politician’s keep up with their growing media presence and promises?


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