How to Survive Trump’s Presidency

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, there have been millions of protesters lining the streets with “Not My President” signs proudly in hand.  Men, women, children, and even celebrities have joined the movement.  There have been more protesters than there were attendees at Trump’s inauguration.

While I’m all for protesting and exercising one’s First Amendment right’s, the fact of the matter is he is our president.  And he’ll be our president for the next four years unless impeached. Continue reading “How to Survive Trump’s Presidency”

The World Peace Myth

We all have seen or heard it- a beauty pageant contestant is asked what her one true wish is.  A perfectly rehearsed smile spreads across her face as she answers: World Peace.

World peace, though a serene and wonderful concept, is virtually impossible.  World peace requires the action of perfection, which is not something the human race possesses.

There will constantly be political disagreements, violence, corruption, and war.  Though these events are tragic, they help and push us forward.  They inspire change, education, and anomalous victory. The Civil War helped to abolish slavery and also created crucial military equipment that we use to this day.  Granted, no war or act of violence has a joyous effect, but each tragic event has a silver lining.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Without the tragic death of 18yr old Samantha Koenig, police would have not been able to catch notorious serial killer, Israel Keyes.  Now Key’s will not be able to harm anyone again and there will be justice for his previous victims.

Though world peace may not be attainable, we can strive for a more peaceful world.  We can make this world a little less chaotic if we are willing to discard our stubborn ways and listen to the ways of others.  Communication is key and right now we are lacking open and peaceful communication.  This world is truly beautiful and so are its people.  We may not have the ability to generate a completely peaceful world, but we have the ability to communicate love and change.

Crazy Stupid Love

I know so many people who devote their whole life to finding the “one.”  They search far and wide for an individual who fits their list of needs and wants in a potential mate.  They spend their days swiping through digital dating profiles and their nights mingling at bars filled with strangers.  This quest is all a desperate attempt for the one they can call their future spouse.   Continue reading “Crazy Stupid Love”

The Waiting Period

Recently people have questioned the credibility and integrity of the alleged Donald Trump assault victims.  So far sixteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.  Their cases span over a period of a decade and range from Trump deliberately walking into a women’s dressing room to him raping a young girl.  Many people claim that because the alleged victims waited for a lengthy period of time and neglected to tell the authorities immediately, their stories are not credible.  A.J. Delgado, one of Trump’s surrogates, told MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes that the allegations are completely untrue.  “These allegations are decades old.  If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time,” Delgado stated.

Any victim’s accusation is worth listening to, regardless of the situation, suspect, or time.  There will be times when the stories or accusations are proven false.  Despite this, every case is to be fairly approached with two victims in mind: the accused and the accuser. Continue reading “The Waiting Period”

Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

It’s a campaign that arose from the tragic death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in 2012.  It’s a movement that has sparked this nation.

People are either strictly for or against the social movement. Continue reading “Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter”

Women in Cinema

I was recently watching a glorified “chick-flick” on TV.  The premise of the movie revolves around a woman attempting to drive a man away within an assigned time frame.  The man or love interest, simultaneously, tries to maintain a relationship with her during a set time limit as well.  Ultimately and unsurprisingly, they both end up together after a ridiculous cat and mouse game.  The couple magically falls in love and rides off into a literal sunset.  Despite the visually appealing ending, they don’t truly know each other; hence the whole relationship was based on an initial lie. Continue reading “Women in Cinema”

What it is to be beautiful

Beauty is such a funny word.  Every country has its own definition of beauty and overtime every individual extends on that very definition in order to form their own preference of beauty.  So if we have so many different viewpoints of what it is to be beautiful, then which one is right? Continue reading “What it is to be beautiful”

The Crimes Against Aging Women

Just yesterday I was in my car obsessing over the dark circles under my eyes.  In reality, they aren’t that bad or so I’ve been told by co-workers and family members, but to me they are the worst feature on my face.

Later that very same day, I read a trending Facebook post about a Canadian mom who is refusing to adhere to the many anti-aging beauty treatments offered to women.  Continue reading “The Crimes Against Aging Women”