Big or small- adventures- I take them all.

This blog is an eclectic mixture of my trips, hikes, concerts, and experiences.ย  Within UndeClaired1 contains key elements to unearth the madness that lies, locked away within Claire Golec.ย  Muhaha.ย  These elements include: creative writing, photography, travel pieces, current events, and interviews.

My mission is to explore the world around me while delivering content that is creative and impactful.ย  ย Just like me, UndeClaired1 is creative, crazy, sexy, and cool.ย  Essentially, my life is a TLC album.ย  RIP Left Eye.

My passion for writing and providing premiere content stems from my education at Armstrong State University and my rewarding freelance writing and digital projects.ย  I was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, but my heart belongs to just about everywhere.ย  I love discovering and promoting beauty and positivity within everything I do.ย  My passions include hiking, reading, writing, and rocking out!

To see more of my work- make sure to give myย Linkedin page a click!

Disclaimer: This blog is not a meant to commercialize or sell any services, products, and/or locations.ย  All opinions and observations are reflections of my personal thoughts and beliefs.ย  Imean no bias or prejudice in my posts.


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