Away with the Conformity

The average woman’s clothing size is 12-14.  So why are the majority of female models sizes 00-0?  Better yet, why is society so fixated on the body image of women?

Fashion designers are known for going against the norm and creating innovative and sometimes outlandish fashions.  Thus, in the design world it is a sin to be average.  The clothing styles consistently change; so why can’t the size of the fashion model change too?

According to Ashley Mears, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston University, designers book thinner models in order to conform to society’s standards.  Mears states, “That is, they choose looks that they expect everyone else to choose too.  They widely perceive that white-washed ultra-skinny models are most likely to be types chosen by their peers, and to deviate from this tried-and-tested formula would be to risk professional status by being “out of fashion.”  Agents try to formulate a product or a model that they think designers want, designers showcase products that they think fashion editors want, and editors- well- editors do this because they think it’s what the readers want.

So is this what WE really want?  Are we the ones that put a restriction on women’s weight?

People come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are born stick thin and some are bigger boned.  Each size is beautiful.  To naturally be a size 0 is certainly fine; however, to create a strict and unhealthy standard on the weight limit of the models is not fine.

When editors publish these standardized models, they’re inadvertently creating a delusion in which it’s mandatory to become stick thin.  It’s become so ludicrous that editors are focusing on the size of the model, rather than the fashion.  I propose that designers and editors alike branch out and embrace the average women.  Show women who are size 0, but also size 16.  All women are beautiful.  And all women deserve to be represented.


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  1. Average size is 12-16? Wow, that’s a lot of country!

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