The Victim Blame Game

I think more often than not we place blame on the victim.  We force the victim to prove their innocence.  When, in actuality, we should have the perpetrator or the accused prove their innocence. ‘Victim,’ in itself is such a scary and helpless word.  By definition, it is “one that is acted on and usually…

How to Survive Trump’s Presidency

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, there have been millions of protesters lining the streets with “Not My President” signs proudly in hand.  Men, women, children, and even celebrities have joined the movement.  There have been more protesters than there were attendees at Trump’s inauguration. While I’m all for protesting and exercising one’s First Amendment right’s, the fact of the…

The Waiting Period

The Waiting Period: Why Sexual Assault Victims Wait to Disclose Their Stories

The Trump Phenomenon

Why do people like Donald Trump?  The question consistently haunted me over the weekend.  Despite, finding answers, I still don’t have a concrete solution. Trump’s points are known to be outlandish and crude.  He has been compared to such notorious fictional and non-fictional characters like Hitler and even Lord Voldemort.  Trump has offended and others…

Politics or Entertainment

Politics is no game, so why are we treating it like so?  Politics have always been somewhat theatrical, with politician’s dramatic gestures and rehearsed speeches.