Mother Deareast

I continuously wonder where you were when I needed you the most, but you were always there, staring blankly into my dark eyes. You recognized that I was dying because you were dying too, but you never dared to do a thing. You turned the other cheek as I let down my black veil. I saw you…

Hands Up for Female Rock Stars

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, this is a man’s world.  Many of our jobs, industries, and products are dominated by males.

Reaction Piece on the Bill Cosby Mistrial

For me, the recent outcome of the Bill Cosby trial and trials similar to that one are an absolute disgrace and slap to the face.  This trial, essentially, discredits the severity of sexual assault and the voice of victims.  Though we have made progress throughout the years, we still have so very far to go.  Trials…

The Waiting Period

The Waiting Period: Why Sexual Assault Victims Wait to Disclose Their Stories