Deadly Crush

My thoughts, consumed by your wickedness

My mouth, poisoned by your name

My dreams, haunted by sights of you

I try to wash you away with James and Jack

I try to exhale my thoughts of you into the night air

I try to release you from the prison I have created

You’re trapped in the maze within my mind

You’re in my thoughts, my dreams, and in my heart

You’re my crush

Mother Deareast

I continuously wonder where you were when I needed you the most,

but you were always there, staring blankly into my dark eyes.

You recognized that I was dying because you were dying too,

but you never dared to do a thing.

You turned the other cheek as I let down my black veil.

I saw you when the black cloud became your only friend.

I tried to help, but you refused.

I know I cannot place all the blame on you,

but I want you to help me when I ask.

I want you to be there for me.

I want you to be my mother.

Reaction Piece on the Bill Cosby Mistrial

For me, the recent outcome of the Bill Cosby trial and trials similar to that one are an absolute disgrace and slap to the face.  This trial, essentially, discredits the severity of sexual assault and the voice of victims.  Though we have made progress throughout the years, we still have so very far to go.  Trials like Cosby’s and men like Donald Trump, destroys not only the credibility of sexual assault victims, but the spirit of the victims as well.  People often wonder why sexual assault victims don’t speak up or wait so long to speak up, and it is because of men like this who so easily walk free.  Each victim’s reason for not immediately sharing his or her story will be different.  Continue reading “Reaction Piece on the Bill Cosby Mistrial”

Crazy Stupid Love

I know so many people who devote their whole life to finding the “one.”  They search far and wide for an individual who fits their list of needs and wants in a potential mate.  They spend their days swiping through digital dating profiles and their nights mingling at bars filled with strangers.  This quest is all a desperate attempt for the one they can call their future spouse.   Continue reading “Crazy Stupid Love”

The Waiting Period

Recently people have questioned the credibility and integrity of the alleged Donald Trump assault victims.  So far sixteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.  Their cases span over a period of a decade and range from Trump deliberately walking into a women’s dressing room to him raping a young girl.  Many people claim that because the alleged victims waited for a lengthy period of time and neglected to tell the authorities immediately, their stories are not credible.  A.J. Delgado, one of Trump’s surrogates, told MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes that the allegations are completely untrue.  “These allegations are decades old.  If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time,” Delgado stated.

Any victim’s accusation is worth listening to, regardless of the situation, suspect, or time.  There will be times when the stories or accusations are proven false.  Despite this, every case is to be fairly approached with two victims in mind: the accused and the accuser. Continue reading “The Waiting Period”