Crazy Stupid Love

I know so many people who devote their whole life to finding the “one.”  They search far and wide for an individual who fits their list of needs and wants in a potential mate.  They spend their days swiping through digital dating profiles and their nights mingling at bars filled with strangers.  This quest is all a desperate attempt for the one they can call their future spouse.   Continue reading “Crazy Stupid Love”

Women in Cinema

I was recently watching a glorified “chick-flick” on TV.  The premise of the movie revolves around a woman attempting to drive a man away within an assigned time frame.  The man or love interest, simultaneously, tries to maintain a relationship with her during a set time limit as well.  Ultimately and unsurprisingly, they both end up together after a ridiculous cat and mouse game.  The couple magically falls in love and rides off into a literal sunset.  Despite the visually appealing ending, they don’t truly know each other; hence the whole relationship was based on an initial lie. Continue reading “Women in Cinema”