Love’s Limits in Aceh

It baffles me that homosexuality is considered a crime.  A relationship between two consenting, same-gendered adults is considered illegal.  Essentially, love is considered illegal.

I feel very lucky to live in a country that accepts my preferences and interests.  I feel blessed that I can be myself within the place I call home.  Granted, there will always be people who don’t believe in the ‘idea’ of homosexuality, but I know I won’t be punished for who I love and who I am. Continue reading “Love’s Limits in Aceh”

Why You Should Not Come Out of the Closet

They say looks don’t matter.  So then why does sexuality?

We live in a society that is so eager to emit labels.  Gay, straight, Muslim, white, bi-racial- humans have this standardized desire to not only issue, but uncover labels.  Continue reading “Why You Should Not Come Out of the Closet”