Deadly Crush

My thoughts, consumed by your wickedness

My mouth, poisoned by your name

My dreams, haunted by sights of you

I try to wash you away with James and Jack

I try to exhale my thoughts of you into the night air

I try to release you from the prison I have created

You’re trapped in the maze within my mind

You’re in my thoughts, my dreams, and in my heart

You’re my crush

Mother Deareast

I continuously wonder where you were when I needed you the most,

but you were always there, staring blankly into my dark eyes.

You recognized that I was dying because you were dying too,

but you never dared to do a thing.

You turned the other cheek as I let down my black veil.

I saw you when the black cloud became your only friend.

I tried to help, but you refused.

I know I cannot place all the blame on you,

but I want you to help me when I ask.

I want you to be there for me.

I want you to be my mother.

One Dark and Stromy Night

It was a dark and stormy night.  A night that makes you shake and shiver and sweat.  A night that you are sure not to forget.

You try to hide, but nothing stays hidden in the darkness for long.  The only light comes from a quick flash in the night sky.

The wind taps at the window, begging to be let in.  But you can’t welcome the outside when you’re still afraid of the inside.

Tonight makes you think. And that storm scares you more than anything.