Zombie and Manson visit ATL for a night of mayhem and metal

Fog drifted onto Lakewood Amphitheater’s center stage one wicked Tuesday night.  The international goth colors- red and black- cascaded upon on the vast stage. A mysterious, dark figure emerged from the shadows and echoed a haunting cry.  Freaks, ghouls, and zombies alike cheered for Rob Zombie and Marlyn Manson’s- Twins of Evil Tour.


Marilyn Manson kicked off The Twins of Evil Tour with a mix of his ‘New Shit’ and the classics.  From Kill4Me to Sweet Dreams, Manson took the audience on a contemporary and nostalgic ride. The kickass setlist featured some mumbling, but no stumbling.
The former ‘God of Fuck’ had everyone from the sweet lesbians next to me to the desperate weed moocher behind me- dancing and screaming. That night we all became freaks at the dopest show.
Rob Zombie concluded the night with an amazing, theatrical show complete with ghoulish graphics, an exclusive trailer for the Devil’s Rejects sequel- 3 From Hell, and a duet cover of “Helter Skelter” featuring Marlyn Manson.

‘Meet the Creeper’ began to play and I could hardly contain myself.  My heart began to race, a slightly corrupt smile arose, and butterflies filled my stomach.  I was ready to rock!  It took all the limited coordination I possessed in order to avoid rolling down the hill and demolishing the sea of fellow rockers.  im-ready-to-party

There’s nothing like watching your favorite artist perform live for the first time. It’s this weirdly, beautiful combination of nerves and excitement. Watching my idol, husband, and rock god perform for the first time was a dream come true!  Rob Zombie stole my heart in the 6th grade and he captivated my soul on Tuesday night!

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