Use caution before operating heavy machinery

I think we can all agree that operating a gun and operating a car are two crucial responsibilities.  Both require knowledge, skill, and maturity.  Both are items that can cause tragic damage if not carefully maintained and handled. 

A car requires a license, insurance, routine maintenance, appropriate credit, and renewal procedures.  Achieving the license-itself- requires extensive documents, training, and tests.

So why not implement similar tests, due training, and required routine inspections for both objects?

We don’t need to take away all the guns, just like we don’t need to take away all the cars.  However, I feel like somewhere along the way we lost sight of how much danger and value both of these objects possess.

The accessibility, glamorization, and affordability of firearms in the U.S. have greatly increased within this past year alone.  Comedian, D.L. Hughley recently said, “It is harder in America to buy two packs of Sudafed than 10 assault rifles.”  In Charli James’ recent Huffington Post article, she states:

Buying a gun does not require providing a social security number, vision test or a competency test (such as a driver’s test) in most states. Federal ATF form 4473 (the government form filled out when a person purchases a firearm) lists the Social Security Number field as “optional.”

In my opinion, these items can be truly beautiful.  Thus, we must treat them and everyone around us with respect and cognizance.


To make a change or get involved you can:

  • Text the Resist Bot and it will automatically help you write a letter or sign a petition to your local representative.
    • IMG_3839This easy service sends you reminders and helpful tips as well
    • It shows you who your elected officials are, how they voted, and so much more
  • Call or email your member of congress.
    • You can pretty much reach out to your representatives anywhere (i.e., email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, text, etc.)
  • Attend town hall meetings
  • Learn about state and national gun laws
  • Join a gun reform group
    • There are so many!
    • Donate to that group as well!
  • Vote!


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