How to Survive Trump’s Presidency

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, there have been millions of protesters lining the streets with “Not My President” signs proudly in hand.  Men, women, children, and even celebrities have joined the movement.  There have been more protesters than there were attendees at Trump’s inauguration.

While I’m all for protesting and exercising one’s First Amendment right’s, the fact of the matter is he is our president.  And he’ll be our president for the next four years unless impeached.

The man has proven to be an unfavorable candidate due to his blunt nature and incredibility.  Despite this, he is our president and he is here to stay.  For those that believe in Donald Trump, they will be able to enjoy the next projected four years.  For the protesters and those that don’t favor Trump’s political agenda, they should not have to wait.  We can’t change our president, but we can change our surroundings.

According to Paste Magazine, we can donate to groups that are opposed to Trump, limit our social media intake, and get involved locally.  Protesters can donate as little as a dollar to groups that are against Trump’s political views.  Some of these organizations include the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, ProPublica, and more.  Although it may be difficult, we need to limit our social media time.  The article states that it is crucial to, “maintain positive energy, and avoid getting sucked into the never-ending maelstrom of Internet outrage.” Lastly, it is important to make our community our top priority.  Reach out to organizations and people within your community in order to spread positivity and social change.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to listen and socialize with others, regardless of possible, altering viewpoints.  I believe we need to consistently challenge ourselves by having open conversations with people of all walks of life.  Thus, we must talk and calmly engage with Trump supporters in order to create a more peaceful nation. So remain calm, listen, and speak up.


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