Crazy Stupid Love

I know so many people who devote their whole life to finding the “one.”  They search far and wide for an individual who fits their list of needs and wants in a potential mate.  They spend their days swiping through digital dating profiles and their nights mingling at bars filled with strangers.  This quest is all a desperate attempt for the one they can call their future spouse.  

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with meeting new people and wanting to find love, but it’s the way people approach it that’s ridiculous.  People act as if the world is ending and they need to find a mate before the end of days.  When it comes to love, most people approach it in a frantic and desperate manner.  It’s almost as if individuals have their own personalized deadline on love and if they are not able to meet that deadline in time they settle for their current situation.

It may sound cleache, but love comes within first and foremost.  Most people don’t know how to love themselves and impetuously run into relationships, broken.  Only when you love yourself do you know your worth and significance.  As you love yourself not only will you understand what you deserve, but you can construct your own definition of love.

Love isn’t only found within a romantic relationship; it can also be found within an individual’s passion.  Whether it’s crafting the perfect souffle, building homes for the poor, or winning a high profile court case it’s crucial to follow your dreams and love will always follow.


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