Women in Cinema

I was recently watching a glorified “chick-flick” on TV.  The premise of the movie revolves around a woman attempting to drive a man away within an assigned time frame.  The man or love interest, simultaneously, tries to maintain a relationship with her during a set time limit as well.  Ultimately and unsurprisingly, they both end up together after a ridiculous cat and mouse game.  The couple magically falls in love and rides off into a literal sunset.  Despite the visually appealing ending, they don’t truly know each other; hence the whole relationship was based on an initial lie.

This movie could have redeemed itself, had the lead female character said no to the ridiculous predicament.  In order to advance the plotline and character development, she could have applied for a job that better fit her qualifications and interests, moved from her current location, or even traveled the world.  Although, the fact of the matter is that’s not how society views women both in cinema and in reality.

Women have been continuously placed within strict and unfair barriers, only influencing society’s ridiculous stereotypes.  The majority of lead female characters only have two roles within cinema.

When females are placed in a leading role within a movie, they are either in a serious relationship or they have just gotten out of a relationship.  The single female character is typically portrayed as the party animal or lonely cat lady friend.  Even the lead female characters within horror movies have a boyfriend to worry about or attempt to save.  Additionally, children’s movies simply show the lead female character and her hour and a half search for prince charming.

While I’m not trying to downplay relationships or even the subject matter of love; there’s life outside of love.  Women are not strictly meant to be in romantic relationship after relationship.  There’s more than one path we are allowed to take.  We have the ability to create successful careers for ourselves or explore our artistic passions.  Love can come from other places besides romantic relationships.  We can find love in our career, education, friends, or even ourselves.


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