What it is to be beautiful

Beauty is such a funny word.  Every country has its own definition of beauty and overtime every individual extends on that very definition in order to form their own preference of beauty.  So if we have so many different viewpoints of what it is to be beautiful, then which one is right?

I think in order to determine the beauty of a single person it is crucial to know who they really are.  I discover beauty when I get to know and respect an individual.  Of course, we can’t come to know every single person.  In terms of general physical beauty, I believe it’s in the way a person carries themselves.  Do they have a confident stride?  A graceful way of speaking?  A warm smile?

In Japan beauty is in the eyes.  Gyaru or girl is a popular subculture in Japan which focuses on the eyes and hair.  The Gyaru look consists of big doll-like eyes and eyelashes as well as voluminous hair. There is even a popular plastic surgery procedure called Asian Blepharoplasty in which patients (male and female) obtain larger, westernized eyes.

In the United States beauty seems to be stuck on the booty.  Large, voluptuous butts are considered especially desirable and are praised in the media.  Men are not left out of this equation.  A firm and round bottom is an attractive feature on men as well.  However, the main standards of beauty for American men consist of a toned chest and muscular arms.

Countries small and large are guilty of holding its people to outrageous standards of beauty.  More and more people are feeling the need to adhere to these beauty standards by going to extreme measures.  Some go under the knife, others starve themselves, and most spend hours a day watching others tell them how to be beautiful.  While it’s important to embrace your culture and traditions, it’s also important to embrace natural beauty.

In order to achieve beauty I think it’s important to steer clear of what you may read in magazines, see in online tutorials, or even hear in peer discussions.  Although these devices can sometimes be useful; you must form your own healthy opinion of yourself before allowing other outlets cloud your judgment.



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