Sean Penn Interviews ‘the biggest drug supplier in the world’

Known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial nature, Sean Penn interviewed Mexican outlaw and drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman for Rolling Stone Magazine.  The interview took place in a Mexican jungle in October and was made possible by actress Kate Del Castillo.  At the time of the interview, Guzman was still on the run for not only his drug trafficking crimes, but for his July prison escape.

Guzman, 57, refers to himself as the biggest drug supplier in the world- supplying everything from marijuana to heroin.  His crimes span much further than drug dealing, but also drug trafficking and even murder.

The interview covered everything from his drug career to his family life.  According to Guzman, he rarely resorts to violence and has been drug free for decades.  When Penn asked if Guzman ever did drugs, Guzman replied, “No, sir. Many years ago, yes, I did try them. But an addict? No.”  The article was published in Rolling Stone Magazine on Saturday, January 09.  To read the full article click here.

Some question Sean Penn’s motives behind the interview, calling him naive and even dick-ish.

While Penn did not notify the authorities, his actions are not illegal according to  Stanford Law professor, Robert Weisberg, says that Penn’s actions were legal because he was simply talking with the former drug lord.  Jezebel and Weisberg states, “Lawyers would have to prove that the actor did more than just talk with Guzman for a magazine interview. For example, if he spoke with El Chapo about how to elude capture, that’d work.”  Regardless, Penn says he has nothing to hide and has absolutely no regrets about the interview.  The Mexican government is investigating both Penn and Kate Del Castillo about the details behind their meeting with El Chapo.

Personally, I think Penn’s interview was ballsy and impressive.  Penn truly took the time to not only travel to a secluded Mexican jungle (*sketchy*), but to research his subject and the drug world.  Although Penn’s efforts are impressive, they’re unrealistic.  If Penn had not been a renowned actor, I don’t believe a publication would ever even acknowledge an article like this.

Guzman has since been captured by Mexican authorities.  Guzman was captured and arrested on January 08.  CNN states, “Mexican forces recaptured Guzman in his native Sinaloa state early Friday after a shootout that killed six of his people.”


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