David Bowie is Dead at 69

After an 18 month long battle with cancer the “Rebel Rebel” singer has passed away.  David Bowie was 69 when he passed away from cancer on Sunday, January 10th.

The star was a true trail blazer- dabbling in acting, fashion, and singing.  His career first took off in 1969 when he released his hit single, “Space Oddity.”  From that point on, Bowie became a household name, sparking both good and controversial conversation.  In 1976 Bowie starred in his first major motion picture, The Man Who Fell To Earth.  His contributions to the arts continued on through the years and influenced many both young and old.  Bowie’s work has inspired countless stars including Lady Gaga, Kurt Cobain, and Madonna.

Earlier this year Bowie released his final album, Blackstar.   In 2006 he performed his final public concert for charity in New York.  His charity and advocacy work have spanned throughout the years.  He’s been very vocal about his support for the youth and the LGBTQ community.  Bowie’s contributions started with Live Aid, a concert which raised money for AIDS research, and continued with Keep a Child Alive, an organization that protects African children from AIDS.  For a full list of his contributions click here.

David Bowie leaves behind two children and his wife, supermodel Iman.


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