More Mass Shootings Reported Than Days This Year

I was watching The Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live last night.  One of the hosts was discussing the recent San Bernardino shooting.  He then added, “There have been more mass shootings than days this year.”  I laughed it off as another SNL joke, but then it got me thinking.  Was that a joke or was that a fact?

Much to my surprise, that SNL comment was indeed a fact.  In  and

Furthermore, Costello and Chuck report that most mass shootings occur in the U.S.  “Despite only accounting for five percent of the global population, an astounding 31 percent of the world’s mass shootings occur in the U.S.”

According to the article, “There are roughly 300 million firearms in the U.S. — enough for every American.”  I believe that every American is entitled the right to a firearm.  I’m most certainty not against guns; however, I do believe it should not be that easy to get a gun.  Continual firearm education, training, and time should be enforced.

Unfortunately, there have been six mass shootings in the U.S. during this past week.


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