Black Friday Exposed

As families wind down from their Thanksgiving feasts, Black Friday workers prepare their stores for the madness to come.  Black Friday is typically full of amazing, one-day only deals.  However, those toasters and watches you purchase that Friday, are truly priced above the asking price!  According to Decide Inc, products become more expensive as the season progresses and then on Black Friday they are reduced to the typical, original price.  In fact, you can get these Black Friday ‘deals’ at a cheaper price before the season even starts.

As a retail worker I’ve learned the secrets of the trade throughout the years.  Where I worked we usually had a our Black Friday deals going on throughout the year, during the month of November we took away almost all of our promotions, and on Black Friday we simply put back up our previous promotions.

Black Friday originally started during the 1930’s in an effort to raise the economy and prevent a further depression.  Today the Black Friday pandemonium has only grown stronger with everyone and their grandma flocking to Walmart and Best Buy.


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