Ferguson Bias

Within the past months angry confrontations between police and protestors have spiraled out of control both in the media and in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson, Missouri has been plagued by racism and tragedy for years now.  It wasn’t until Saturday, August 9th that the turmoil was brought to a national level.  On Saturday, 18 yr old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Missouri law enforcement.

Thousands of criminals are gunned down each day, but Michael Brown was not a criminal.  He was a high school teen whose biggest concern was whether or not he was going to pass Monday’s math test.

Police gunned Brown down after he allegedly left a convenient store without paying for some cigars.  Brown was unarmed and did not pose a threat to anyone at the time of his shooting.  The aftermath of the shooting has since been unfathomable.  Ferguson citizens, young and old, have since lined the streets protesting against police brutality, while Ferguson police have held dreadful press conferences.

The police reacted poorly to the fatal death of Brown; yes, but the media reacted worse.  Almost all media outlets (i.e NY Times, CNN, Huffington Post) took the side of the protesters.  Granted, the rioters were in the right.  Regardless, news organizations are responsible for covering both sides of the story and delivering multiple view points on the subject.  However, most news organizations only sided with the protestors, never even explaining the police officers story.  The news painted a third world, dictatorial picture for the little town of Ferguson, Missouri.  While the town has suffered countless years of prejudice and racism, there are also hidden positive stories to be attributed to.  I agree with the protestors, but as a news organization you cannot side with anyone; you must deliver a neutral point of view in order to prevent bias.


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