Catcalling Viral Experiment

Hollaback reintroduced the world to a serious, but often overlooked issue: catcalling.  Catcalling is when a person whistles, shouts, or makes comments of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.  It is also known as sexual assault.

Catcalling is all too familiar to women across the globe.  Hollaback, an organization dedicated to eliminating street harassment, partnered with creative director Rob Bliss to produce a PSA about the realities of catcalling. NY actress, Shoshana B. Roberts, volunteered to simply walk around Manhattan for 10 hours.  The footage is not staged or slanted; it is real and raw.  It’s what women are subjected to on a daily basis.  Whether we are walking to the store in our sweats or walking to work in business attire, we are consistently judged and objectified to men, women, and society as a whole.

The only way to eliminate this issue is to show the world what it is and show hows it’s effecting women.  We need more social experiments like this.  And we need more men to appreciate the woman as a human being, not a sex object.


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