Mayor of Toronto Addresses Previous Problem

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, admitted to using illegal drugs in the past two years.  Additionally, after a video surfaced, Ford’s previous illegal actions were exposed.  Last year, during a drunken state, Mayor Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine and expressing highly offensive remarks while in office.  On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the mayor came before city council in order to address (and admit to) the allegations.  The following is a critique on both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of this ongoing event.

The New York Times published an article by Reuters News Agency called: “Toronto Mayor Admits He Bought Illegal Drugs; Council Urges Him to Step Aside.”  The article characterizes the mayor as an “embattled mayor.”  The New York Times neglects to mention recent allegations that have risen since Mr. Ford admitted to using drugs.  These allegations (according to the Wall Street Journal) include further drug use and paying for prostitutes.  Instead the article states: “The Council has no power to force the mayor to step down or take a break unless he is convicted of a crime.” While this is true, there are certain allegations that need to be investigated.  “Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has since confirmed the video exists.”  Thus, the police know of his criminal history, but have not convicted him or brought up any charges.  Additionally, all the pictures of the mayor, in both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, seem to be the worst possible pictures.  They capture, quite frankly, humiliating and close up shots of the mayor.

The Wall Street Journal article: “Toronto City Council Urges Mayor to Step Aside,” is published by Ben Dummett.  In this article, the mayor is characterized as a ‘Scandal-plagued mayor.’  In the article, Dummett states: “…broadcast live on several Canadian media outlets, included a number of heated exchanges between Mr. Ford and councilors.”  The article neglects to state what these heated exchanges consisted of.  Moreover, I would like to know how each side handled the questions and disputes.

The scandal, as it is called, says that the mayor had smoked cocaine in the past two years.  After all these years, you would think that someone would have known something or may have even been an accomplice to his actions and applicable to charges.  For instance, Alexander Lisi, an associate of the mayor’s, would have known of his illegal actions.  There must have been a possible drug test, public appearance, or other instance in the past which might have indicated that something was off.  I’m surprised that after all this time it’s just now surfacing.  “The Ipsos Reid poll also indicated that Mr. Ford’s job-performance approval rating is 40%.”  I want to know if this percentage is correct; thus, it would be interesting to get the opinions of the citizens; the tax payers of Toronto.


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