Women Shot to Death After White House Car Chase

On Oct. 3, 34 yr. old, Miriam Carey, attempted to crash through the barriers surrounding the White House located on Capitol Hill.  Carey led the police on a chase, injured two officers, and was eventually gunned down by officers.  Both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal published an article about the event on Thursday.  The New York Times article, “Car Chase, White House to Capitol, Has Fatal End,” was written by Michael Schmidt.  The Wall Street Journal article, “Police Chase Ends in Gunfire Near Capitol,” was written by Devlin Barrett, Gary Fields and Rebecca Ballhaus.

Contrary to the previous blog post, the NY Times article takes on a respectable tone towards Miriam Carey, the deceased woman.  The WSJ, on the other hand, seemed to favor one side: the police.  This contrast surprised me considering I had just written a blog about the WSJ being a more compassionate news source.

What also surprised me was the great deal of quotes in the NY Times.  Usually, the WSJ is the one to feature various sources.  Furthermore, The NY Times conveys the truth in its piece; whereas the WSJ prolongs the result through unneeded details. The NY Times, in my opinion, did the best job covering this Thursday’s incident at the White House.

NY Times writer, Michael Schmidt, incorporated a small eulogy (or regard) in the article.  Schmidt states:

“Ms. Carey was the second-youngest in a churchgoing family of five daughters who grew up in an apartment building on Stanley Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn. Her sister Franchette, who still lives in the apartment with their mother, said that she saw Ms. Carey this week and that she seemed fine.

Michael Brown, 33, a longtime friend, said he saw Ms. Carey on Tuesday evening — still in her work uniform — when she picked up her daughter from her mother, who had been baby-sitting. She said she was on her way back to Connecticut.”

Schmidt’s introduction automatically states the result of Mrs. Carey’s death.  He states:

“WASHINGTON — A woman with a young child was shot to death after turning her vehicle into a weapon on Thursday afternoon, ramming her way through barriers outside the White House and on Capitol Hill.”

In the introduction, WSJ writers make it sound like Carey died after running her vehicle into the barricades.  They state:

“WASHINGTON—A woman died Thursday after she rammed a black Infiniti sedan into security posts near the White House and then drove toward Capitol Hill, prompting police confrontations that ended in gunfire near the U.S. Capitol complex.”

I would like these articles to do a follow up piece, if possible, because two essential facts-Carey’s motive and death- were left inconclusive.  According to both of the articles, there is no report of mental illness, police did not find anything worth noting in her apartment, and it is unclear if she has been affected by the recent government shutdown.  According to the following NY Times statement, it almost sounds like her death could have been prevented.

“What occurred next was not clear. Ms. Carey managed to get out of the car, and was shot by several officers. According to a law enforcement official, she was not armed, and it was not known whether she presented an immediate danger.”  Said Schmidt.

I would imagine, after crashing into the well-built White House barricades, Mrs. Carey must have developed some pretty serious injuries; thus slowing and weakening her physical dexterity.  If this was the case, I think it would be difficult for her to get out of her car.  And since ‘law enforcement officials’ claim she was unarmed and unsure ‘whether she presented an immediate danger,’ why was she shot multiple times?

I understand that her actions were dangerous to the public and government officials.  Additionally, her intentions could have been implemented in a more peaceful and mature manner.  Nevertheless, I feel that Carey should have been arrested rather than ‘shot to death.’

Moreover, several sources have stated that some of the police responsible for chasing and shooting down Carey on Thursday were currently affected by the governmental shutdown and working without pay.

The New York Daily News states:

“The Capitol Hill cops who risked their lives chasing the woman are deemed “essential workers,” but they are currently working without pay.”


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