Size does matter-in Syrian Civil War

CNN recently published a piece called “By the number: Syria deaths.”  I felt that the piece was far too short.  The article starts by stating the results of the “unrest” in Syria these past two years.  Then the article supplies a comparison of various civil wars throughout history.  Each comparison states the specific civil war, its time span, estimated deaths, total population, percentage of killings during the war, and the average number of deaths per month.  By listing the results of different civil wars, I felt as though the article is categorizing the current Syrian war as nothing less than a walk in the park.  The article needs to end with at least two or three additional paragraphs; not too much.  The writer can elaborate about the current situation.  For instance the article should conclude briefly with the following: Bashar al-Assad’s (president of Syria) plans for the situation, the crime rate since the civil war began, the amount of child soldiers, or even the recent emigration status.  A paragraph or two is most definitely needed at the end in order to tie the article together.   Otherwise the prior civil war data shows disgrace to the conflict in Syria.  Also, there does not need to be so many pictures.  There are 92 pictures.  I don’t think I know anyone who wants or has the time to scroll through 92 CNN pictures of the Syrian civil war.  Five or ten photos would do just fine.


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