The trouble with local newspapers

It’s difficult to achieve an accurate and resourceful local newspaper.  In my eyes, local newspapers are recognized for simple, fluff articles.  Local newspapers are not exactly known for hard hitting news or in depth investigative reporting.  The majority of the articles on Savannahnow represent only one side of the story.  The articles are predictable, stating the outcome of an event as either negative or positive.  Local writers reference the people responsible for the event or government officials.  While this method is useful, it’s good to have a variety of references.  It’s crucial to get opinions from locals about current events in the community.  This way the writer will achieve a well documented story, advertise the Savannah Morning News brand, and generate more hits for their article from locals looking for a chance to be in the ‘local spotlight’.  Tourist’s perspective fuels a well written article as well.  Tourists are new, fresh faces that will not deliver biased remarks.  They have no prior knowledge of life in the community; therefore, they won’t be swayed one way or another.  I realize I could not do any better; I have no prior experience in such a publication.  Thus I don’t categorize myself as an expert by any means.  With that being said, I believe that local publications could go take a different path when attaining their sources.


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