10 Years of War Photos

The Associated Press recent article, “A Look Back at 10 Years of War in Iraq,” has made its way to several online news databases.  This article is a collection of forty-one photos taken by associated press agents over the past 10 years in Iraq.  The photos represent the war in an intense way; nothing is held back.  Not all the photos are published on each online database, but they can all be seen on the associated press website.  One of my favorite photos is Laura Rauch’s photo of U.S soldiers taking cover on a road in south Baghdad.  It is the eighth photo on the AP site.  The background takes on a yellow-orange color due to sandstorms.  The color plays well with the mood of the photo.  I like how the photographer was able to make the running soldier the center of the photo.  The quick motion and color provide for a realistic environment.  Each photo is authentic and bold, exposing numerous sides of the war.


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