Double Decker Bus Rally

Residents of the downtown Savannah area are rallying against the proposal of double-decker buses.  The buses plan to drive several tourists throughout the downtown area.   Russ Bynum, writer of Savannah, Ga., Debates Double-Decker Tour Buses, states that the buses will hold 75 passengers and will be 12.5 ft. tall.  The two main concerns of the residents revolve around privacy and health hazards.  “critics fearing the buses would hit ancient oak limbs and give sightseers a peeping Tom’s view into Victorian homes,” Bynum writes.  Tree limbs aren’t the only danger-the roads are as well.   Savannah’s roads are crowded and narrow.  Therefore it is highly risky to put a double-decker bus on narrow roads with frequent corners.  We already have pedicabs, shuttles, and other vehicles crowding the downtown area.   How many more transportation systems do we really need?    Adding the buses will only create more chaos, pollution, and traffic.  Needless to say, I am not for this double-decker bus plan/idea.


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