Away with the seesaw bring on the crawl spaces

We (Americans) are incredibly blessed.  When I think about the people living in the third world countries or war zone areas, I can’t believe how incredibly blessed I am to live in free country.  Our country is in no way perfect, but I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  In parts of Syria children are introduced to bomb shelters at a very early age.  Instead of sleeping in cribs, children are sleeping in musty, confined spaces.  Between the northern part of Syria and Turkey CNN writer, Nick Paton Walsh, reports that children are creating their own bomb shelters/crawl spaces.  Not just that, but they are digging narrow crawl spaces with just their hands and sticks. “Hours that should be spent idling or playing football are lost to digging an air raid shelter,” Walsh writes.  Adolescence is a crucial time.  It plays a great deal in shaping ones future/adulthood.  If a child is growing up in an environment that is encompassed by bombs, despair, and poverty what kind of future will they have in store?  Will they even have a future?



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