2013 Baseball Hall of Fame

Recently an article stated that certain athletes should be reconsidered before being inducted into the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame.  In light of disruptive behavior, 22 baseball players are have been reevaluated by sports writers, Kevin Kaduk and Dave Brown.

I feel that this is a waste of time.  The Baseball Hall of Fame is based on athletic ability not character traits.  If we assessed all professional athletes’ lives outside the arena, there wouldn’t even be a hall of fame.  The fact of the matter is, there are a great deal of athletes out there who are frankly conceited in real life, but they can throw one hell of a fastball.  Also some of the greatest inventors, contributors, and leaders have also been corrupt in their ways.  For example, our founding fathers made several mistakes-all dealing with greed, lust, and power-yet we acknowledge them for creating the first free and just land.  If we continue to judge people based upon their mistakes how will they ever change; how will we ever allow them to change?


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