Fish that can grow twice as fast; a possibility

The current generation’s food has been altered to fit the demands of humans. With such  fast paced lifestyles, we want our food to be filling, fast, and convenient.  All those characteristics are examples of processed, unhealthy foods that are designed to look and feel good.  Unfortunately, these unhealthy foods that society desires are in a high demand.  Which means companies, farms, and factories are genetically enhancing food production.  For example much of our produce is genetically modified.  Next time you go to the grocery store just look at the strawberries; I promise you they weren’t always that large (and mutated).

An environmental tech company called Aquabounty plans to release their newest development to the public: genetically modified salmon.  If released they will become the world’s first company to sell fish whose DNA has been altered to speed up growth.  The salmon will be able to grow twice as fast.  In 2010 the FDA concluded that the fish is safe to eat,  however; it has yet to be approved.

Personally I think this will be very dangerous and unhealthy.  The possibilities of something going wrong are very high.  Besides not all fish and humans will respond to the chemical adaptions properly.


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