Chiefs player kills, literally follow-up

In a recent post, “Chiefs player kills, literally,” I wrote that Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend. It seems that the woman he shot was not his girlfriend.  Although they had once been intimately involved, producing a 3 month old daughter together, they were not seeing each other at the time.  It seems that Belcher was ‘sleeping’ outside her apartment hours before the incident.  He was questioned by police after receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle parked outside the apt complex.  When asked what he was doing he told police that he was sleeping in his car and waiting for his girlfriend.  Allegedly, the two were currently separated.  The police left and shots were fired later that same day.  After shooting the woman, he headed to practice, and killed himself.

To me the whole incident seems very shady.  It seems like it could have been prevented.  However, I’m not update on the precise details.  I’ve skimmed through a few other articles and they all seem to paint this picture of a young hero who died tragically.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but he wasn’t that well-known.  I mean he was a rookie; a starter for the chief, THE CHIEFS.  So why is he getting all of this attention, especially since he wasn’t that famous?  Then again why have I written two blog posts about him?


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