Harnessing Offshore Wind

We are breathing in the same harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.  Chemicals like mercury, arsenic, and carbon monoxide.   These pollutants are emitted into our soil, air, and water.  Not only that but, 45,000 lives are cut short each year due to the chemicals exposed into our atmosphere.  The sourcecoal and nuclear power plants.  These power plants are responsible for generating our energy or electric consumptionThese power plants are vital for our daily functions.  Let’s face it; society depends on electricity so much that without it there would be much pandemonium.  We need electricity, but we most certainly don’t need the harmful pollutants it releases.  What we need is offshore wind energy.

Wind energy is the ability to harness the wind’s natural energy through a wind turbine to produce electricity.  Offshore wind energy describes the type of energy that is produced from these wind turbines.  This renewable energy has the power to revitalize our economy by creating permanent green jobs, a clean environment, and efficient electrical utilization.  Making the switch from power plants to wind farms would be a smart one.  For more information visit: SACE.


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