Cancer Hoax-not a crime

Should it be illegal to fake cancer?   It’s illegal to do so for insurance purposes.  But simply creating a story about a cancer victim is not illegal.  That is what one Colorado woman did.

Briana Augustenbourg, 22, told co-workers about a young family friend with leukemia.  Augustenbourg, described the family friend as nine year old Alexander Jordan.   According to News Discovery, her Colorado community continuously rallied for the young boy.  The community wrote an obituary, donated money, and held special events in the victims honor.

Before long, a photo of the so called dying child emerged.  The Colorado mountain town was shocked to learn that this nine year old was very much alive and completely cancer-free.  Anger, shock, sadness, and most significantly betrayal circulated the small town as they realized that it was all a hoax.

Since Augustenbourg never asked for donations or money, what she did was perfectly legal.  It doesn’t mean what she did was right, but she committed no crime.


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