HSC students react to reelection

When I first read about the riots at Hampden-Sydney College, I was absolutely shocked.  I was concerned for both the students affected by the conflict and the students who initiated the conflict.  News articles, concerning the matter, briefly touched on any injuries, previous out-lashes  or punishment that might have occurred.   I felt that this article should be published at a more wide-spread level.  Reactions like these should not be kept undercover.  Then I reconsidered my opinion.  There are many crazy reactions to reelections.  In fact there is probably a more severe reaction occurring in a smaller, rural location right now.  ‘Reaction articles’ like this tend to take an opinionated tone and provoke unneeded controversy.  Articles like this are irrelevant and take on the layout of a twitter page.  Don’t get me wrong I’m glad this story was covered however, I’m also glad it didn’t make it to the front page.


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