A time to take action

Every ten minutes one person’s life is drastically changed.  Every ten minutes one person’s life takes a turn for the worst.  Every ten minutes one person is illegally trafficked into the U.S.

This pattern is not just occurring in third world countries or the stereotypical-India and Russia; it’s happening everywhere.  The majority of the victims: children.  The offenders: adults, friends, and even family members.

The primary reason children are trafficked is the free labor.  Whether for sexual, physical, or combat purposes, the involuntary labor is often grueling and dangerous.  Children are either conned or kidnapped into becoming servants, soldiers, or prostitutes.  These positions entail little to no pay, terrible living conditions, starvation, and death.

The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking states that over 100,000 children are victimized through prostitution in America each year with an average entry age of 13. It is crucial to educate our youth as well as the adults on the dangers and preventions of human trafficking.


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