Predictions for the news: good could be bad

In the previous blog post I mentioned Newsweek newest plan to transition its print magazine to a web based publication.  I believe that other print media will start to follow Newsweek recent trend.  It’s efficient in so many ways.  It’s beneficial for the company and readers alike.

My prediction is as follows: First, larger corporations like The New York Times will shift to the web.  Then smaller print products like the AJC will follow.  Newspapers and magazines will not completely disappear.  No, former print publications will make special appearances during major or ‘publically important’ events.  Corporations will label the papers as ‘special edition or a collector items,’ it will only run for one day or one week, and papers will be expensive because of the high demand.

Televisions and computers have started to replace newspaper subscriptions within the past years, so why not make news access more convenient?  Why not put everything a newspaper can offer and more at our fingertips?  It would be economically wise to make the change.  Publications will be saving money and earning money at the same time.  The only real issue here is job loss.  Usually web publications don’t have as much staff as a print publication.  And that’s saying a lot because print publications, today, ritually cut back on their staff.


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