Newsweek to be an online publication

So it has finally begun and much sooner than I imagined.  A major magazine decided to convert their long-run print publication to a web based publication.  After 80 years, Newsweek representatives decided to make the switch.  Newsweek first started in 1933 as an attempt to nationalize journalism.  By Febuary 2011 this weekly magazine accumulated articles and additional stories onto the Daily Beast online edition, but remained a weekly based print publication.  Tina Brown, editor and chief, decided that December 31st will be the final print edition; after December 31st it is strictly web.

I believe that this is just the beginning.  I predict that other newspapers and magazines will eagerly follow this transition.  With constant advancements in technology as well as societies growing dependency on those advancements, more and more print media will make the switch.  And as well they should.  Print corporations would be wise to convert to web.  It’s economically sufficient, environmentally friendly, and publically appealing.  Printing a newspaper costs a lot of money.  Since print publications have a short shelf life there is a need for constant printing.  Not only are companies paying the printing cost, they’re paying the petroleum companies for the ink.  Those petroleum factories release toxins into the air which then interfere harmfully with the environment as well as our health.  Most of the population is glued to our computers, so why not place the newspapers where we are already located.  It will provide more information; it’s quick, simple, easy, and efficient.  Also it can be distributed to a global audience instead of a national or local audience.


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