Today’s Food Industry

What did you eat for breakfast? Was it cereal, an energy bar, or possibly a toaster strudel?  Most likely what you ate was packaged, factory based, and artificially flavored.  Most of the food we eat nowadays goes through a series of processes and maneuvers, none of which involve natural ingredients.  The food we see displayed at restaurants and grocery stores is not even real food.  It is a combination of dies and sugars which are designed to last longer and look better.  Most of what we eat is based on our attraction to the object.  If it looks good or is presented in stylish fashion the consumers are drawn to it, creating a surplus in its sale.

The real question is what is behind all of this visually appealing food.  How do you know what to eat and what not to eat?  The food we consume lacks the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes essential for day to day actions.  Many products are starting to develop healthier, more natural alternatives, but how much of that can be trusted?  Wendy’s new slogan, for example, is ‘fresh never frozen’.  Sure it sounds healthier, but really all it means is that premade patties are shipped in cases, and refrigerated.  There’s nothing natural about it.  According to an inside source, the employees put the leftover meat or sometimes expired meat in the chili.  So called Healthy foods are filled with chemicals that will deplete fat and essential vitamins.   According to Natural News, “When you get your nutrition information from the media, you’re getting it from the food industry and companies that stand to benefit from you purchasing their products”.

The commercial food consumed is grown in soil that has been damaged by chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Whereas organic soil is richer in minerals and healthier.  I’m not saying go out and become an organic farmer.  Just be cautious of what you eat and limit yourself.  Common produce contains a plethora of pesticides and preservatives.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture found pesticides in more than 70 percent of produce samples in 1996 alone.  These pesticides increase hormone growth rate, elevate nausea levels, and can even cause cancer.  for more information refer to the link:  Sweet Suprise


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