GOOD: desired or approved of; profit or advantage

The year 1944; the place Nazi concentration camps.  Thousands of Jews, gypsies, and other innocent European individuals were forced onto crowded trains, sent to concentration camps, and never heard from again.  Today these camps are the world’s largest cemetery, yet not a single gravestone can be seen.  The cemetery may be invisible, but the memories are permanent.  It is difficult to fathom how a person can possibly obtain so much evil.  How on earth could that much evil been spread so quickly, corrupting so many souls?  The unbelievable thing is that the Nazis and their supporters believed that what they were doing was logical, just, and all together good.  In fact the Nazis still believe that what they did had a purpose and a beneficial effect.  How could these acts be categorized as good?  Then again what is good; what is considered good or bad?

When the Al-Qaeda members hijacked, bombed, and killed thousands on September 11th, it practically tore our nation apart.  This dark cloud of depression and anger arose that day and on into the next few years.  Yet in Palestine, children were celebrating in the streets once the news broke out.  They believed that what their people or possibly fathers did was good and an accomplishment.

The US is also responsible for some shameful acts throughout the decades.  Slavery, Japanese-American internment, segregation, and the Indian Removal Act are just a few notorious examples.  During these time periods our nation believed that these procedures were good and effective for the nation.  Yet all the while we were causing deaths, destruction, and unequal treatment of our own kind.

So who are we to say what’s good and what’s not.  It is what each individual makes it.  We each withhold our own definition of good.  Not everyone will agree with each of our definitions simply because they have already built up their own definition.  I’m certainly not saying that these acts should be ignored. These historical events were ethically immoral, but everyone is entitled to their own definition of what’s good and what isn’t.


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