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The content of today’s news reflects society.  Televised News, especially, is willing to do practically anything to get a glimpse of someone else’s misfortunates.  They focus on these events because this is what viewers want and expect.  News stations will spend an hour on a celebrity’s mistake and spend only ten minutes on a public achievement or an environmental concern.  When I was in the DMV, the TV in the lobby area had been set to Fox News.  First, let me just say that combining the DMV and Fox News should be illegal.  That station covered Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce for about an hour, reported on various stories, and followed up on the couples divorce.  The news wouldn’t display content like this if there wasn’t such a high demand from the public.  During the OJ and Casey Anthony cases, the trials practically painted every news station.  Not to mention, the entire OJ Simpson trial was televised.  Also, some news stations spent an unnecessary amount of time discussing Casey Anthony’s outfit and overall appearance.  I think the televised news would change either for the better or for the worst if the public were to stop watching the news all together.  The public would be better off if news stations were to stop broadcasting/over broadcasting celebrity news stories and other irrelevant events (ex. Casey Anthony).  Sure some people would probably miss that moment in which they were able to escape reality, but in time they would get over it.  If people really had a problem with it they can just watch E! or read a trashy magazine.  I honestly think that people will watch and, sadly, believe anything that is broadcast in front of them.  News coverage doesn’t have to be portrayed like this, it can be changed.  There are plenty of interesting stories out there worth covering.  So why not replace all that irrelevant, celebrity trash with stories that can truly affect us as a nation?


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