NBC Fails to Honor Moment of Silence

This Tuesday marked the 11th anniversary of September 11th.  Over 3,000 people lost their lives on that horrific day.  Terrorists flew two planes into the twin towers, one plane crashed into the pentagon, and there were plans to crash in the United States Capitol Building as well.  The terrorist’s goal was to destroy our nation, but instead it only made us stronger.

NBC news is a prominent news station, broadcasting news for seventy-two years with various awards in blogging, editing, and televised news.  NBC has several different news programs including: Today, NBC sports, NBC entertainment news, and NBC news.  On Tuesday morning NBC morning news programs, Today, failed to honor the moment of silence for 9/11.  Obviously, there must have been some sort of catastrophe, breaking news, or maybe NBC was simply doing a tribute piece on 9/11.   One of those events must have occurred because that’s the only possible way they could have skipped such an important moment of silence, right?  No instead NBC felt that it was necessary to skip the moment of silence in order to talk to Kris Kardashian about her breast implants.  Yep that’s right apparently the Today show thought a reality star’s plastic surgery is much more important than honoring all the innocent souls who tragically lost their lives on September eleventh.

It’s absurd really; I have never been a huge fan of NBC morning news just because it’s the type of frivolous news that is shown in the waiting rooms of doctor’s or dentist’s office.  I understand that news broadcasting can be very chaotic and there will be mistakes, however I feel that this mistake was unacceptable.  I thought it was plain common sense to take a 10 minute moment of silence and honor all those who lost their lives on September 11,2001. Click for link of NBC video.


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