Mitt Romney vs. Obama

When elections started, contenders came and went (Michelle Bachmann), but none of them seemed to show any true winning potential.  I had strongly thought that Obama would earn his second term without any problem.  Obama appeals to audiences young and old.  He has generated more popularity than most presidents due to his continuous involvement with the public.  Sure he hasn’t made the significant change that he promised, but he still manages to withhold many supporters.  He’s like America’s big brother; he’s cool, admirable, and he’s always looking out for the little guy.  However as the election approaches, I am not sure that our big brother will be able to complete his second term.  Presidential candidate- Mitt Romney- has potential, success, and not to mention a great deal of money.    In 2002 Mitt Romney became governor of Massachusetts; by the time his term was over he eliminated a three billion dollar deficit and created tens of thousands of jobs for his people.  He is the co-founder of Bain & Company and he became the CEO in 1992.  Romney started out as a wallflower, but since getting nominated by the republican convention; Romney poses as a serious threat.  For a while, Mitt Romney appealed mostly to older and richer audiences.  However, once he selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, he has generated a wider audience.  Let’s face it; even though Obama is the cool, popular president, Romney is the smart and financial stable choice.  It’s time we make our own change.  It’s time to change to Romney.


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  1. I am always open to change! Obama hasn’t improved our nation so why keep him? I actually didn’t even vote for him because I wasn’t convinced he was the right candidate. But who is, anymore, it seems? I like that you pointed out that Romney decreased debt- that’s new to me. At the end of the day- does our vote really even count, I tend to always wonder? I’ve always lived by this quote, “The only constant is change.” I honestly embrace that fully. Glad to see someone else ready for something new in hope for a better future.


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