Teen completes swim for charity

On Sunday, August 19 Annaleise Carr, a 14-year-old Canadian, completed a nearly 27-hour, 31.6-mile solo swim across Lake Ontario; making her the youngest person to ever complete this swim.   The Canadian teenager completed this swim for Camp Trillium, a childhood cancer center. As she graced the Ontario shoreline on Sunday at 8:58 PM, Carr’s final total was close to $80,000.  For those of you who don’t know, Lake Ontario is the 14th largest lake in the world.  And according to GLIN, this lake is 193 miles in length.  Her reason for choosing this lake:  ‘it’s one of the hardest open-water swims in the world’ (CNN.com; CNN Wire Staff).  In the article it stated that she was allowed occasional breaks for food, but she had to remain in the water.  If I’m not mistaken I think you have to wait thirty minutes after you eat before you are allowed back into the water, but I guess they made an exception here.   I admire her courage and ambition.  It seems as though teens are portrayed negatively in the news, creating a unnecessary, superficial image for the public.  I am glad to see that the news is shedding positive light on teen achievements.


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